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محمد حسین صادقی
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افست - دیجیتال
Mohammad Hossein Sadeghi
Manager of Hodhod Publication

متن کتاب تنت tent

چهارشنبه, ۲۴ فروردين ۱۴۰۱، ۰۶:۰۸ ق.ظ

In The Name of Allah


  TENT part 1

read part 2 here



Mohammad Hossein Sadeghi

Hodhod publication

summer 2020 –1399

Book name  : Tent


Poet and writer  : Mohammad Hossein Sadeghi

First Edition : Summer 2020 -1399

by Hodhod Publication

00989 176 112253

Cover designer  : Alireza Zare

ISBN  : 978-964-2508-15-0

©All rights reserved


Price : 14 Salavat


Table of Contents

ZenUS. 6

Episode  1. 6

Episode   2. 6

Episode 3. 7

Episode 4. 9

Episode 5. 9

Episode 6. 12

The faith tree. 13

To Revive. 13

As usual 15

Utopia. 16

Freedom.. 18

Beautify. 19

Signs. 19

Evergreen Arms. 21

Honey-moon. 22

The millennium of phoenix. 23

The Lost Futures. 25

Charisma. 26

The universal day of peace. 28


Candles and Butterflies. 35


At the Beach of Eternity. 47

Defense. 48


An Elegy for Flight 655. 50

The Bull’s Eye. 53


Satan’s bed fellows. 55

Canonical LOVE. 55

Renascent firefly. 56

The root of peace. 58

Missing Link. 60

Peace thunders. 61

Avant-garde Scarecrows. 62

Bloodless Victory. 64

Satanic Scenarios. 66

Universal Peace Camp. 66

Invitation. 70

Money- worshippers. 72

Seeds and Fruits. 73

Vote or veto?!. 74

Arbaeen Referendum.. 75

Heroes never die. 79

The new generation of kids. 81

Discovering. 83

Tent. 83

The pearl 84

New Slaves. 85

Orchard of prophets. 87

Mirror. 91

Heal 91

Spies. 92

Devotee. 92

Couplets ( as Farsi Dobeyti ). 92

ART. 95

frames of love. 95

oath. 95

paradox. 95

arrival 96

Pilgrim.. 96

rainfall 96

lantern. 96



My newly born goddess[1]  of union! 

Episode  1 

We were living in the God's mind 

He remembered us and we were fashioned. 

God pronounced us 

and we came into being 

in the figure of antonym words 

so we are the earthly translations of supernal synonym words. 

Though we were born in two separate beings, 

We were created as one thing, 

One heavenly soul in two earthly bodies. 


Episode   2

In our Kindergarten of Instincts 

The other demigods  

were playing unconsciously and cheerfully

While we were arrogantly dividing 

the existence during a long destructive war

into two mental separate Worlds: 

Hell and heaven 

War and peace 

Hate and love 

 richness and poverty 

West and East 

South and North 

I and she 

mine and hers…. 

All of the heroic parts for me, Zeus, 

And the entire charming part for my playmate, Venus. 

A half part of me was she 

and a half part of she was I. 

The world was a simple sample of our toy room, 

And we were always at "zero hour" and lapse of time didn't awake 



Episode 3 

After puberty we awaked 

Because we were silently attacked by a common appetizing 


and were drunk by "nectar" of forbidden fruit 

and discovered the hidden hemispheres of our needs 

and were exiled to anxiety desert of youth  

We, both, were captured by love's elegant fingers. 

So, the real battle was launched between us 

to capture the other half part of our rival's world. 

When she provocatively knitted her tall hairs 

my pacific ocean of patience became stormy 

and when I frowned, her Equator of desires became frozen. 

She always venerated her beauties with a deep holy respect 

and I always boasted of being powerful. 

She wanted to convert all of my particles to her Lovers 

and I tried to make all of her cells of beauty to my admirers. 

We were so selfishly interested in "ourselves" that we missed and 

forgot our "selves".  

The final war was going on 

and the Third World of our innate needs was reaching to 

maturity zone 

and the other demigods were awaking one after the other, 


We happened in the mind of death 

and lost each other's godly "selves" 

in an annihilated clarity. 

So at our mental palace of Olympus 

we were nightly attacked by other wakeful desires and instincts 

and we ought to flee and fly to skies of wisdom.  

Episode 4 

The skies of wisdom were so crowded  

and we were somewhat unknown for their residents. 

In spite of being stranger, 

we wanted to rule over their territory and the cosmos 

but we were tired and wanted to rest to save our rest of powers 

for the tomorrow "battle of stars". 

We were separately living in each other  

But false pride didn't let us to be united  

as we were in our childhood gnosis. 

None of us could live lonely;  

We needed each other 

Not for peace but for silly wars and crisis 

to be alive and prove our dignity beastly.  

But in the skies of wisdom we had to be united and take place in 

one territory.  

Episode 5 

For resting we found an empty snail-shell 

on the crowded pavement of Milky Way 

but we were such Great heavenly beings! That 

we couldn't "take place" in that cozy furnished territory 

since, that "Space" had been made only for one god!  

And we were two gods! 

so a half part of us left and remained behind the door 

we came out and began to search for a two-spaced Empyrean. 

Meanwhile, we heard a loud voice in that breezy nice night  

the God was smiling and the angels were laughing at us and 


    You must stop your useless wars  

    And give up yourself to your mate. 

    Your hearts are my Capital of existence  

    and all the creatures have only one ruler. 

So, we were burnt in our flames of shame 

and disgracefully crept into the same snail-shell. 

The whole God's empyrean were inside    

And it was as large as all created things. 

and the voice was continuously repeated: 

     I am everything but nothing is I. 

     Miss yourselves to find me and your "selves". 

     Because I am your "selves" and you are my "self" 

     You have been unique being at the first 

     and must be united again 

     so leave "yourselves" outside and come in with only your "selves". 

Who was speaking? 

- Every cell of us and existence: 

If you want to reach to unity 

your remaining parts must be tied to your partner's. 

We didn't understand 

and the greatest angle thoughtfully enlightened us 

and explained the paradigm of unity: 

Venus must leave her "VEN" part 

and Zeus must leave his "US" 

the remaining parts are ZE and NUS 

And Zenus is your newly reborn demigod 

with two different natures: ZEN[2]  and US 

that should be coupled again. 

ZEN needs US 

and US needs ZEN 

and the combination is ZENUS 

which is the united states of antonyms. 

And also your missing Utopia. 

You both must stop your habit of self-praising 

And only praise and worship your Lord. 

We whispered voicelessly: but we are demigods… 

He interrupted our "thoughts" and replayed: 

Everything is a demigod 

and God created them in pairs 

but human is superior than the others. 

"human is a small sample of world 

And world is a great sample of human[3] ". 

Each single only can be completed by its "missing part" and your 

"selves" is your missing part of yourselves. 


Episode 6 

In the light of delightful youth fruits 

we reached to singleness and global unity 

and returned to our everlasting roots of being 

by drinking the AMBROSIA of wisdom 

and every cell of existence celebrated our victory 

And all the angles said: 

Everyone's chest is the battlefield of these two superpowers

if you want calmness you must make peace between them

Everyone's chest should be the nuptial nest of this bride and


Now we are such little nothings! That 

may peacefully occur in an infinite eternity  

even at a timeless part of Silky Way 

in an empty snail-shell.  

Now, we are Zenus 

The united states of antonym desires   

The goddess of unity. 


The faith tree 


The branches of a tree 

never fight against each other.

But we, users of its shade and fruits,

dogmatically, break the branches 

to make helves and arrows and bludgeons 

for killing each other and cutting roots of the tree.

We even make cross to crucify Messiah.

Oh, what did we do 

with the faith tree and religions? 



To Revive 


A flower can return us to paradise 

and connects us to an endless life.

A flower can create us anew 

and refresh our joyful missing memories.

And no differ whether it's a wild flower or a hot-house one


Only a flower??

Alas, what did we do??

We wrongdoer creatures destroyed and burnt 

One hundred and twenty four thousands

garden of real flowers

And consequently, we, loathsome nasty sinners 

were sentenced to wash our faces

in a cesspool of cruelty each morning

 and breathe the putrefied air of discrimination till evening,

 and go to bed with nightmares and devilish dreams.


 Such a filthy place is our reward 

 and the next hell is worse than this, if

 there weren't any flower to return us to lovesickness.


 Oh, my hidden flower 

You are the heir of all prophets 

 andall of the windows are waiting

for you and your reviving fragrance.

June /2005 

As usual 


A harsh gray flood was coming toward us. 

How was it started? 

Who was guilty? 

Which royal boat would be capsized? 

Who would win that blood-wave-riding? 

We didn't know. 

There was no time for thinking, 

but as usual we only ought to be dammed against it. 


The harsh gray-red-flood 

was passing through our ever-ruined village,

and our ashes were dancing 

in the memories of war-brides. 


For centuries we have played the same act.

And now we, the forgotten victims, 

are waiting for the next War.  

Who can save our lives 

Except love and peace? 




Peace is not a soup of DOVE cooked in OLIVE oil,

For serving at the geopolitical conferences. 

It's the chlorophyll of spiritual flights. 

Peace is not a symbol and a word 

It's a sharp shiny signal of bare right-seeking swords.

Peace is not a lowly surrender position 

But a powerful forgiveness exposition. 

Peace does not occur in an oppressor mind 

Nor in an oppressed heart. 

Peace is not an emotive remark 

It's the essence of all desirable beauties. 

Peace is not the antonym of war 

It's the synonym of all virtues, 

a combination of love and liberty 

plus justice and security, 



and lack of each is the sign of war condition. 

The cold wars are more burning than the hot ones 

a hot war may pick only flowers 

but poverty and discrimination burn the garden entirely.

War is war and death is death 

cold or hot, makes no difference. 

Peace is not only reuniting enemies 

but strengthening affectionate relations among friends.

Peace is not a UN present for the victims of wars 

but a heavenly gift for all the creatures. 

Peace, as the Utopia of all perfect men, 

Is the main lesson of all holy prophets 

for us to have a blissful coexistence. 

Peace is a worriless mental situation 

in which everyone enters will be secure from all harms. 


I searched all of the encyclopedias; 

but didn't find a word which can play the role of peace

in the creation workshop, except a more perfect one.

If you find a better Utopia 

I will replace it with ISLAM. 

J une-2005 




A bird cannot change the cage 

not the cloudy imagination of its blue ceiling

not the dusty thoughts of its grayish floor 

and not the ironic temptations of its green bars.

When no way is to be released 

and outside, are other greater prisons 

and a free flight is not conceivable 

and every soul has its own cages, 

The poor innocent ever-caged bird 

only can do one little task: 

breaking all drowsy walls 

to change the world that happens in its mind

And uniting with the eternal cage. 


Life is a cage, 

and the bird can love and enj oy it,

So as the death. 

The bird cannot change a cage-

but can imprison it in its heart. 



To upgrade and dignify

Love burns us to purify

Poetry is your eye's art 

You, label it and signify 

We don't know what verse is

We only may intensify 

We are poets of you, dear

You have set us to versify 

If nice, is your own art

Each beautiful can beautify. 



The nightly sky 

is a blackboard

come and write on it

a brilliant word. 


I want to be solved

In ocean of shine 

I wish to be a

sparkling sign, 


What is your best wish 

in your heart and mind?

what was the lost hope

you wanted to find? 


Search and find it now

in your memories 

of virtues that 

give you glories.


Find a loving  word

higher than of peaks

the holiest gift 

that everyone seeks, 


A word that can build

Heaven in this land 

a simplest word 

to understand. 


We are living in

An endless world

the earth is a dot

in that blackboard. 


Find your place in

those dots and lines

you are one of those

sparkling signs. 

 Evergreen Arms 


He was as old as freedom,

and as red as martyrdom 


He was born in battle-field

first thing, he saw, was a shield 


under which, opened his eyes

and drank the milk of skies 


His date of birth was written

on the wings of a pigeon 


The only toy, he had, there

was a sword, sharp and bare 


He was as kind as flowers

and lovesick as all lovers 


On horseback, he learnt by heart

how to fend, to rush, to dart 


He was fond of liberty

Though his wealth was poverty 


If you wanted his address

you could ask every cypress 


He was as hard as mountains

And as elegant as fountains 


He planted in the grove-palm

his evergreen and tall arm 


Though, was martyred this morning

his son was born in evening 


He is as old as freedom,

and as red as martyrdom 



     For flying in the love sky as a free dove

     it's too late if you even come very soon

     and for falling in deep well of love 

     each moment is a nicely honey-moon. 

     If you’re tired of life and its painful pack

     and be surrounded by the troops of grief,

     if you're about to have a heart attack

     only the love miracle can give you relief.

     Let the sorrow be upset and sad 

     Do not delay, make your loving base

     Laugh at the death and be, as I, mad 

     and be free of nation and race. 

     Do not delay, love yourself at first 

     if so, the whole existence is the next.


The millennium of phoenix 


Let them go and fly these narrow-minded bugs

and fight against our ancient fire-bird 

put them at ease, let them try their best 

though they deserve to be laughed at, you 

follow the athletic ethic of victor combatants. 

Let them go and fly these blind-hearted bats 

and try to put out the sun's everlasting light 

but remember not to laugh at enemy's corpse.

When a fly buzzes, even if disturbs you, 

let it buzz its lecture in darkness, and be sure 

that the wind will come and throw it away. 

But you, My eagle, the unique patrol of skies 

that the hurricanes cannot shake even your shade

and the typhoon is captured by your sharp claws

go on composing our epical presence. 

You are the most honorable image, I've ever seen

when you are sitting still at the highest peak

Only that stony horse can bear your epical weight

on which you sit and calmly rule over the lands

Give my best greetings to the goddess of poetry

and, on behalf of us, ask her if she knows 

who taught and trained her bravest son, Epic 



and encouraged him to eradicate the war-beginners? 

And who took care of her prettiest daughter, sonnet 

and made up the most charming bride of literature? 

And who has elevated our three-colored flag of Love and Peace?

And also kindly ask her whether she knows 

that her dearest daughter and son, sonnet and epic 

were attacked by some bugs and bats and mice? 

But tell her not to worry at all, since they live 

in a lofty, firm and fortified palace 

which was built by Ferdowsi and painted by Hafez. 

And surely she knows her children's trainers. 

* * * * * 

Our ancient fire- bird, the phoenix, 

The Common spirit of our nation never dies 

And every day is its admirable Millennium. 

Today the old phoenix burnt itself, but 

a newly born bird came out from its ashes. 

The young phoenix is now inspiring all the birds, 

and helps them to compose their crimson flight poems.

Now, each free bird, you see in the sky 

lovely and pacifically is singing the epical sonnets 

of phoenix death and birth. 


Mordad 1369 / July 1990 


The Lost Futures 


Even those broken mirrors 

-my dust-coated ancient memories-

cannot restore my lost futures. 


In this abundance of blessing 

in which the free bare sweet life 

is available for everyone's desire 

nothing is exchangeable for me 

with a flame of lovesickness. 


The insurance fever is widespread 

and all of my world-mates! 

are supersonically rushing towards 

the banks and the safe boxes 

but nothing can save and insure 

my evergreen grieves. 


How much does my anxiety cost? 

for everyone but you, my dearest 

it's not worth even a black penny, I know. 

My future is lost 

and I'm missing 

and I'm patiently waiting for 

that Promised Friday Morning 

in which I will be found 

in your graceful arms. 

Come and Reserve All my grieve Rights 

And restore my lost futures. 



Having a great pain of enmity 

I was exiled to a stony moment. 

My heart capacity was so low 

and the ceiling of sky was so down 

how insignificant were my desires 

and how little was my world. 

At the end of loneliness 

I picked up a stone, heatedly 

and threw it towards the rocks aimlessly.

and the adventure was beginning: 

The stone was singing plainly 

a heartrending lovely sonnet. 

And I was sinking in its eternal charisma

then its echo grew and grew 

and multiplied progressively. 

all of my cells could see and hear and repeat

the same melody  

which all the cells of existence were singing:

Find your place among us 

you are a part of cosmos 

we have the same beloved 

who is the creator, indeed 

no enemy or enmity 

is in our dignity 

your heart should only be filled

with love and love, in this field

love is an endless ocean 

you should follow shoreless men

if you want a godly kiss 

you must fight only for peace. 





The universal day of peace 


1 – The unknown quantities 

no one really knows what life is and how much it costs

except one who takes it back from the claws of death 

and no one really knows what death is and how much it costs

except one who embraces it for the sake of LOVE 

and no one really knows what love is and how much it costs

except one who uses it to enrich the peace. 


2 – The love realm 

The world happens at our minds 

not behind the geopolitical closed doors 

each government is a matter of wind 

and everyone can ignore them and all of their rules

but no one can escape from the God’s realm  

that its unchangeable laws are innately in our spirits . 


3 – The root of faith 

The world is a stock of tyranny, discrimination and injustice

which is the product of our thoughts 

and if we change our minds 

the world will be changed, accordingly 

and will be filled with justice, peace and love. 

trying and waiting for these bright and brilliant changes 

is the root of our faith . 


4 – The alone zeros 

We are smaller than zeros 

Not in the Cosmos but on the earth. 

Without love we are zeros, about 7 billion alone zeros 

but we can change the world if we want 

A zero has no math value lonely but if it comes after a ONE

it increases its value ten times and more 

and becomes a part of the new tenfold number 


5 – The miracle of love 

We come to world and die 

So we are nothings as zeros 

only love can increase our values 

We are such valuable nothings 

that can increase the value of a ONE 

to a limitless number. 

With love we are zeros after ONE 

Even, we can be ONE with the miracle of LOVE . 


6 – The real value of zeros 

One is a unit of a value but zero is not. 

Ten is not merely a number, 

ten is ten real ones and a plenty of decimals 

An alone zero has not any value, it’s nothing 

But after a ONE its value may be form one to ten 

So the value of a zero after a ONE is not the same as an alone


And so on a hundred, a thousand, a million and a billion . 

So we remain 7 billion alone zeros if we don’t come after a ONE . 



7 – The Godly one 

The God is the real ONE of existence 

And has saved an innocent ONE, his grand sample,

for the future of the world and Human beings, 

and all of us also should play the role of zeros

after that Godly ONE in our lives . 

If a zero fell in love with existence 

It will come after that Godly ONE. 


8 - The Essence of all Senses 

when Adam descended from the everlasting paradise 

he had everything but his life was meaningless 

Breathing, eating, working and sleeping 

was boring and tedious 

he wasn’t anxious and impatient,  

he wasn’t waiting for anyone, 

he wasn’t exited, and not interested in beauties 

and totally hadn’t any feeling about himself and his nature

and these concepts and words weren’t in his dictionary of life

The God sent him his own lovely peaceful spirit 

Then he remembered Eve 

and felt the essence of all senses 

and his dictionary became full of new sensual lovely entries

and his religion come into being 

and loved everything as children 


9 - The renovation of innate values 

Children are the best lovers of God 

They have a pure love for everything 

But when they grow up they forget love gradually. 

We should return to our childish homeland 

To regain the real taste of life, by love

Without love we are alone zeros 

But we are created to be ONE  

And if we renovate our innate values

We will become one of those ONES. 


10 – Return to paradise  

The Fall of Adam is always repeated 

The almighty God blew his spirit to our bodies and enlivened us

Also every morning he makes us alive. 

When we have everything in our lives except LOVE 

we are descending from the paradise every day 

and the Merciful God is sending us his gift of LOVE 

and melting our hells with the heavenly calmness 

to enrich and rescue our lives 

and return us to his everlasting paradise 


11 – The source of wars 

we are travelling from birth to death 

and the distance between is life 

which is innately filled with love by God 

but we empty it and fill it with disgust and enmity

and this is the source of all wars 


12 – The real fight 

I love peace and hate war 

And wish a warless day for our earth 

That all of us are eagerly waiting for,  

But war is an inevitable event 

Because the history of human began with war

And the root of all civilizations is in blood 


I hate war and love peace 

But the life of all weapon producers 

Is based and depended on wars. 

They hate peace and we hate them 

We should fight for peace and love 

And our real war should be against those death traders

Throughout cultural activities 


13 - The lovers of God 

when all of the people have a common love 

they are the lovers of God 

and this common love is their common religion 

and when they love God they aren’t the enemy of each other

instead, they love each other and all of his creatures 

in this case, there is not any enmity and war among people

And that day is the universal day of peace 

and that day is not far if we want 

if we add only one person to the Lovers of God and humanity . 


14 – The Superior of the Creatures 

Nothing but Love can measure and weight our lives . 

All of the death traders are also intelligent and clever

Without love, Wisdom is a lantern for thieves and lawbreakers. 

Wisdom must be directed by LOVE 

-the heavenly gift of God to us- 

By which we are signified as human beings, 

And also The Superior of the Creatures. 


Aban1393 , Oct. 2014 



I miss you when I find myself 

And find you when I miss myself

I’m puzzled between me and you

And my old pain is always new 

I should migrate as a lone bird

That in winter has lost its herd 

How can I fly with broken wings 

To the land-love of sun and springs?

I should migrate to land of light

From my deep darkness of blight 

At last you see one day, I fly 

With my winged cage at your sky

From myself to you, I migrate 

And waiting for this lovely fate 


26 oct 2014 — 4/8/1393 

Candles and Butterflies 


The existence is managed by God’s unseen forces

who are chosen from the best people  

and trained by celestial beings and angles. 

when a nice and perfect person 

- a sacred and unknown sloe- 

is affected with a hard trouble 

or a heavy and unbearable blight 

you should know that the Almighty God 

has burnt a candle among us 

by which we can connect to God’s source of blessing

and remove the darkness of hopelessness. 

a candle can do nothing except giving light 

and melting little by little. 

it’s a God favor 

they burn for us 

and we should only be their butterflies. 

What else can we do for them? 

This is not a superstitious poetic idea 

nor a philosophical lesson 

this is the habitual experience in our life 






In the Name of Allah 

O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made

you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most

noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah

                         is Knowing and Acquainted. 

                          (Holy Quran –hojarat –  13) 



Making family is the holy aim of Creation 

And the main pillar of a family is a woman, 

So the world should gain a new insight of LOVE. 

Let’s put the exceptions aside. 

 A man is a human male being 

but a woman is not a female mankind 

It’s an unknown creature from another world 

A canary and a sparrow both are birds and alike 

But a canary isn’t a pretty sweat-singing sparrow 

They may be similar but not equal 

If they obliged to live with each other, 

they may adapt and adjust themselves to their new conditions

and copulate and reproduce new male and female birds, like us.

Their infants aren’t hemi canary and hemi sparrow  

and both are valuable. 

The canaries are canary and sparrows are sparrow, 

Although men and women, both are caged in one world 

And a woman is more similar to a man than the other creatures

They shouldn’t be compared with each other 

Women are women and men are men and both are valuable. 

A male isn’t stronger than a female 

and a female isn’t stranger than a male 

both are strong in their territories 

and are strange in the other zone 

king and poor are alike and this is one of the God’s justice signs.

And this misunderstanding has been the cause of all quarrels,

separations, divorces and exploitations. 

But really, what’s a woman? No one knows. 

She is a paradisiacal gift from God. 

And she is the most oppressed creature that has ever abused by men. 

She is not an amusing toy  

and not a luxury merchandise  

and not trade goods  

that may be bought and sold now and then. 

A woman is not a mate with an expiry date. 

The first victims of all wars are women. 

Regardless the cause of wars and nations when a soldier is killed

in each front, a mother will be bereaved. 

So a woman cannot be a commander or judge, because she

cannot see the bereavement of other mothers. 




Women are such powerful beings that can change the world and 

make it as a real paradise. 

But men may create hell of wars and discrimination and poverty.

 A man may want everything for himself 

But a woman wants herself for her nest, 

and easily may sacrifice herself for her children to keep them 


Mothers have motherly feelings toward all of the children of the 


All of the men are the children of mothers, And a husband may be 

the poor needy child of his wife. 

When a war broke between two tribes  

only their women could extinguish its flames. 

Women in their responsibilities are men of peace 

But the men who always put the world into fire usually condemned 

them for beginning quarrels between neighbors and children. 

The divine hands that can spread peace in societies and take care of it 

are only and only mothers 

without the help and interference of international organizations 

without army forces and governments only by lullaby and folk songs. 

They can capture the global only with their motherly emotions and 


And if they wait for receiving this dignity through official aids 

they never obtain it. 

The dialogue among civilizations  

and peace talks should be carried out only by women especially 

those who have lost their children and husbands in wars. 

and what may be mentioned in such dialogues is only peace and

peace and peace. 

And also their children by mother’s permission and guidance and 

control may do a part of it. 

But men who may kill millions of their Congener cannot do such

a fine art. 

These dialogues needn’t any specific knowledge because all of 

the mothers who are kings of sorrow have a common language of

tear and sough and their desire is only peace. 

If women rule over the world and do not behave manly no war

will be started except against mice and beetles!! 

And no hungry will remain on earth except for fitness!! 

So these great super angles should not lose their dignity 

and must not minify and degrade themselves 

by mannish manners. 

Women not only in their appearances but also in innate natures

are the prettiest transfigurations of God’s beauties accordingly 

they are always abused by Demons and evil doers. 

In a simple and small scale, life is nothing but housing (eating,

loving and resting) without which life is a decorative death. 

And all of those may only be prepared by mothers. 

Without their care the children and husbands are gadabouts. 

Life is meaningless without women, 

So each mother is the Sun of her solar family. 

And other members of family are stars of her love orbit 

and in a large scale this situation could also be applied to the

whole existence, 

Life is aimless without the role of mothers who are responsible

for performing the aims of The Creation. 

So a mother is a goddess in her family 

And has the highest rank of her existence 

So their authorities should be strengthened and stretched

through the whole life of their children some of which are kings

and presidents and war beginners of the world. 

Men always have dominated over women by disregarding their

rank and right 

And women always live in the second or last level of importance.

They should play their heavenly roles in all societies 

But it must not be the beginning of an endless war between wives

and husbands 

If so, playing this role should be ignored at all. 


The world regardless its geopolitical borders consist of many homes 

And each home is managed by a housewife who is the manager of her family, 

And the world which is a collection of families is managed by women, 

And women are the real kings of the world, 

And the world is the borderless home of mothers, 

Therefore they can prevent all the societies from any satanic

movements and preserve their own harvests from flames of wars.

The so called Global Village is a political trick of those men who

want to rule over the world in a simple way, 

But the global family is the existing Utopia of all mothers 

And we, men, always destroyed their utopia by wars to create our 

childish Global Village. 


For thousands of years the world has been governed by men 

And their productions only have been wars and destruction of 

families and burnings all of the woman’s efforts. 


Mothers can change the world with their innate "doctrine of 

global family" to make a peaceful life for all people 

And if they had done this task, our condition would be better than 

this, and now we could be proud of our histories. 


A half of the world population is women and the other half is their 

children, this is also true for the men, but the roles of the first half 

are always minimized by the second half. 


All of the human beings are equal and no one is better than the 

others except for being PIOUS. 

If a couple live lovely for centuries they will never recognize each 

other completely and by means of no language and logic they may 

reach to good mental understanding of their mates except by love 

And there is no fatal problem that cannot be solved peacefully in 


And The God creates BED for solving all kinds of problems. 


A wife and her husband are dress of each other[4] . symbolically, a 

dress is a protective ornament, so a couple should wear each 

other and "wearing" is a cultural idea that contains tens of untold 

heavenly words and concepts one of which is Uniting that is the 

main aim of Creation. 


Feminism breaks the creation rules and God Limits, so it destroys the 

foundations of families and begins an endless quarrel between men 

and women, because it doesn’t know the value of mothers and their 

place in existence. 


Women are not equal to men, they are higher than men. 

In dictatorship of men, women are only tools of pleasures, but 

according to the rule of creation both are means of calmness and 



Instinctively, all the existence moves toward unity 

and human beings are the superior creatures and their marriage is 

the highest pick of unity. 


A man is not the Lord of the woman, he is her child. 

And a woman is not the housemaid of her husband, she is her 


Both have equivalent share in their common life 

But the duties of men, as the workers of HIVE, are more than of the 



One of the Aims of creation is reproduction that is the essential

base of existence without which life will be disappeared in a few


In this process women act the maj or role. They are the productive

member of existence, so they are the origin of life. 

The God can create mankind without parents: as the creation of


And can create human beings without father: as the creation of

Jesus Christ (P.B.U.H). 

So Men are stranger gusts of Women Kingdom 

And mothers are the goddesses of existence and eternity

Because they are the God's cooperators for life continuity. 


Women are so valuable that the last prophet (P.B.U.H) said: 

The paradise is under the mothers’ feet, 

And up to now no claim has been told 

greater than this holy phrase about women. 

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